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I have a function: fx:=5*x^4+16*x^3-24*x^2 for which to calculate roots I wish to reformulate fx to (x^2)*(5x^2+16x-24) Which command do I need to give maple to obtain this result?? Thanks in advance
Hi, I have plotted the following triangle PLOT(POINTS([(-2,-4)],[(1,3)],[(2,-2)])); How do I get maple to connect these points? Is this the right way to plot a triangle, or is there a better way?? thanks in advance
Hi all, Given two functions f(x)=x^2-1 and g(x)=2x+1 we can plot the following command restart:f:=x^2-1:g:=2*x+1:plot([(f),(g)],x=-2..4,y=-2..8); We have a local extreme of -1. Which command should I use to give me the local extreme where -2 <> 2?? Thanks in advance
Hi, Given a function f(x)=x^2 i would type the following command restart:f:=x^2:plot(f,x=-10..10,y=0..10); how do I get the graph to show f(x) as a dotted line?? thanks in advance Robert
Hi All, I have the following graph: plot([(x/(2*sqrt(x)-3)),(-x+5)],x=-10..10,y=-4..6,discont=true, color=[red,navy], thickness=2); how do I a) label the two functions so that they are visible in the graph i.e. L=-x+5 beside the blue line and f(x)=x/(2*sqrt(x)-3)) in pretty text beside the upper red function? b) I wish for a dashed blue line (-x+5) instead of constant. Thanks in advance for any help :-) Robert
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