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These are questions asked by sakhan

Attached is my sheet.

On my system if just execute the whole worksheet maple return the last statement's integral un evaluated, however at this point if re-execute the statements from the definition of L2, it looks that maple has evaluated the last statement's integral.


What am I missing here, any help?


Is it possible to pass fortran function to a maple file/procdure so that I can get back the numerical result of integration?

I was thinking like:

I tried to create, for example, helloworld.mpl

Executed the command in my terminal:


$ maple helloworld.mpl > output.txt

# executing maple in my terminal is same as doing cmaple.

Now my output.txt has the whole cmaple seesion in it, but I only want "helloworld" in there. How is it possible?

Second If somehow with your help I can remove the extra output from output.txt, and then create a maple procedure as integrator.mpl for integration, how could I pass some input to that integrator.mpl??





I first define

f:=x->convert(x, decimal, hex):

str1:=convert( `Xor(f(number8), f(number10))`, bytes);

now how can I get back the alphabets, since again use of convert with bytes return the inital argument.

Moreover, I would really appreciate if someone could explain the difference between 

convert(`expr`, bytes)

convert( [expr], bytes)


Many regards!!


In my maple 16 the following is returning FAIL. Why ? and what is the correct way to do the following.






I have a large sheet containing about three proc(). Four symbolic matrices of though small order but with complex values are being imported. There are also some other statements other than mentioned above. I have writing them in text mode.

What could be the possible reasons for connnection lost with maple though I have 4 GB of ram.



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