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Hi all I have the following ODE

ODE_1:=diff(w(r),r)+R*(diff(w(r), r))^3=K/r;

ODE_T_1:=collect(algsubs(w(r)=u(r)+(r-1)*(U-0)/(delta-1), ODE_1),diff(u(r), r)) ;


 and when I try to do the following integration,

eq1:=int(phi[i](r)*ODE_T_1, assuming delta > 1;

it gives the following error


Error, (in assuming) when calling 'int'. Received: 'wrong number (or type) of arguments:

Hi all,

I have the following functions.


for i from 1 to N do
 phi[i](t):=piecewise(t>=x[i-1] and x[i]>t, (t-x[i])/(h), x[i]
(x[i+1]-t)/(h), 0);
end do;
## my goal is solve the integrals involving phi[i]'s as integrand and x[i]'s as its limits.

Hi all,

I have a little problem.

I need to let maple solve: int( diff( u(x), x$2) * v(x), x=0..1), where u(x) and v(x) are arbitrary single variable real valued functions. Moreover Maple should consider v(0)=v(1)=0 while doing integration.

Maple is returning the integral as it is. I think some how I need to force maple to use integration by parts but do not know how?

I know maple knows: int( diff( u(x), x$2), x) = diff( u(x), x)

I have maple 13, windows xp.

I am just curious about the existense of some way through which I can navigate with in maple worksheets tabs with kepboard shortcuts.

I would really appreciate the help as it is annoying to use mouse again and again for naviagation


I have to make following substitutions in a ODE:

alpha = x - 2

y(alpha) =  y(x) - 1


[Maple code starts]

The ode is 

ODE := diff(y(x), x) = (y(x)+1)/(x+2)-exp((y(x)+1)/(x+2));


I have used the following commands:

Rhsa := eval(rhs(ODE), {x = alpha-2, y(x) = y(alpha)-1});
lhsa:=subs({x = alpha, y(x) = y(alpha)}, lhs(ODE));


Sub_ODE:=lhsa = Rhsa;

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