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1/ To sample N random nulbers from a uniform (continuous uniform) distribution you can use this 

N := 100:
A := -10:
B := -1:
S := Sample(Uniform(A, B), N)

2/  evalf(RandomTools:-Generate(list(negative(range=-5), 10)));

generates 10 random number between -5 and 0 (uniformly distributed)



Download the file below.
It contains some basic information from wich to start using Maple on your problem

My better advice : look to the help pages ("help" top right in the bar menu, or ctrl+F1 (windows),, cmd+F1 (Mac OS), or simply ? in the worksheet)





I may be mistaken, but it seems to me that you want to initialize your pde equation/system by a stochastic process (1D) or a stochastic field (nD) ?

If it is the case there exist a lot of methods for numerically simulating such objects (most commonly used and easier to understand are based on Cholesky decomposition and Fast Fourier Transform)

Here is just one link among others :

If you are only interested in implementing a simulation method, a  very quick overview of the FFT simulation method  is provided here 

For more details, see the reference site for gaussian processes




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