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Hi everybody, 

I have a continuous function f of a single variable (all the details can be found in the attached file) and I want to build a more regular approximation of it (let's say F). The construction process ensures that F is C-infinite.

When I plot f and F (command "plot"), for visual comparisons, the F curve presents "holes", that is intervals where there is no plot.
However, the value of F(x) for any x in those void ranges is a real just as F(y) is for any y in a plotted interval.

Note that this phenomenon does not appear  when I use PLOT(CURVES(...)) for F (attached file)

I guess I probably use "plot" in a wrong way, or maybe some option I don't know
 could prevent it to happen ?

Could you please have a look to the attached file ?
I look forward for your response. 

Hi everybody, 

The sequence 

keeps printing the result on the screen

How is it possible to redirected the output of showstat(Myproc) into a file ?

Thanks in advance

Hi everybody, 

I am working with Maple 2015.2 ; system = OS X El Capitan
I would like to compare the outputs of two files by using  the Worksheet:-Comparator command file contains this single instruction
> a:=1; contains this single instruction
> a := 2;

Both us are located on my desktop, which is also my current directory in the worksheet from which I am going to run the comparison.

MyDir := cat(currentdir(), "/Desktop/");
OriginalFile := cat(MyDir, ""):
ModifiedFile := cat(MyDir, ""):

# to verify that all is going well I use these two commands 
# Worksheet:-DisplayFile(OriginalFile):
# Worksheet:-DisplayFile(ModifiedFile):

Running the  command  Worksheet:-Comparator(OriginalFile, ModifiedFile) returns me error messages :
The first one is  (after having selected  "compare" and next "run" in the Comparator Maplet) 

and the second one (after having cliked ont the "OK" button" on this alert window)

Note that the same thing happens if I use Worksheet:-Comparator() and select the two files with the browsers
Could you please help me to understand what happens ?

Thanks in advance


Hi everyone, 

I am presently writting an alternative to the procedure GraphTheory:-DrawGraph for a better rendering.

I come across the following problem : the edges (CURVES) are in the foreground and the polygons (POLYGONS) which contain the vertex names are in the background.

I often face this kind of problem as I use PLOT either in the form PLOT( MyPlot1, MyPlot2, ...) or in the form 
plots:-display(PLOT(Myplot1), PLOT(Myplot2), ...)
How does Maple decide which structure (CURVES, POLYGONS, ..) is in front of or behind another one ?

I suppose there must be a tip to manage this ?

Thank you for your answers

Hi everybody, 

I generate random variables of the form X__E__n, n=1..N where N is assigned to some integer value (the double index is not a crucial point for the issue already appears with a single level of index).
Next I want to express a likelihood based upon these random variables in two different ways : a very symbolic one which uses the function "Product" an a second one that uses "product".

My problem is that I can't obtain the desired expressions.
As "Product" returns me a completely satisfactory expression, "product" (as I use it) refuses to return me the desired expression.

Without doubt this is due to a poor knowledge of the detailed way Maple proceeds to evaluate indices in seq, sum or product.
All explanation will be largely appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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