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that was more what I was after...
I went to paste the example here and I noticed that there were quite a few redundant and erroneously placed parenthesis and extra spaces in the definition of my matrix which weren't visible in the maple gui. for example: [v[x](*omega)[1]+v[y] *omega[2]+v[z]* omega[3] and -(B[y])/(rho)*omega[2]-((B)[z])/(rho)*omega[3] Initially I had used the GUI to point and click enter the values of the matrix elements which were expressions containing many subscripts(x,y,z and 1,2,3) and some raised to powers etc... So it seems like behind the scenes maple had been inserting parenthesis everywhere, and this apparently had something to do with the problem, because after I went through the text expressions and fixed all of this, even though what was displayed on the screen is identical Eigenvalues command takes about only half as long to evaluate and LinearSolve command now is working(literally! right now its evaluating but so far hasn't returned yet). The extra and misplaced parens might have something to do with the fact that I am running on x86_64 linux which seems to have quite buggy X interface. for example I have noticed that Maple looses track of where the mouse is located relative to its worksheet sometimes so that clicks don't places the cursor where you would expect(like under the mouse) and another issue I have seen is that changing fonts seems to cause the thing to hang. Anyway seems as though mystery is solved...
ooops that should be eigenvectors r(u,w) for the system with jacobian A(u,w)...
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