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Can maple be run without the gui? Some maple command I run are taking a long time to complete and apparently I am running out of ram(I only have 2gb on the machine where maple is installed). But, I also have a cluster of quad opterons each with 16gb of ram, but these machines have no video system. Can maple be run in bash shell??
Hi I am looking for eigenvectors of a messy jacobian matrix, maple is taking its sweet time with this (but still probably faster than me ;)) I have access to a 250 node(dual and quad opteron) cluster, is there anyway to run maple in parallel? If not will maple see a speed up when run on a dual proc or dual core workstation?
Hi I have the following command: > LinearSolve(E0,Z,free=R) assuming real; when I execute this I get: Error, (in assuming) when calling 'LinearAlgebra:-LinearSolve'. Received: 'unexpected argument(s): free = R, LinearAlgebra:-LinearSolve' I am not sure why? can anyone explain? Without free=R it works fine...
Hi I have a 8x8 jacobian matrix from a nonliniear system of pde's I was attempting to get maple to find the eigenvectors however it runs and runs and never stops. I have let it run for hours and to me it looks like in its current form its just too messy for maple to solve. The question is how do I get maple to stop evaluating?? The "interrupt current operation" button is grayed out, even though the lower left corner of the screen has a flashing dot with the words "Evaluating..." next to it. I am attempting to simplify the jacobian so that maple can succeed but each time I make a change I have to kill maple and restart to try.
I have the following:
>                 /             /         2          \\    
>              1  | 2    2      |/ 2    2\       2  2||    
>       eqn := - +\b  + a , sqrt\\b  + a /  - 4 a  c // - c
>              2                                           
        1  2   1  2   1 / 4      2  2    4      2  2\         
 eqn := - b  + - a  + - \b  + 2 b  a  + a  - 4 a  c /      - c
        2      2      2                                       
>                          solve(eqn, c)
                               2    2
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