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These are questions asked by satya123999

Dear All,


I have a .txt file with a single line. I tried to import it using ImportMatrix commnad (e.g. ImportMatrix(filename)) but always got the incomplete data, 

I attach the file for further reference:



Anything I am missing ?





Dear Readers,

Given an expression for e.g. x^n+ y^3.5, how to extract the symbolic/floating point exponent, I tried with degree method but it fails whenvever there is symbolic or floating point exponent. Is there any alternative ?




Regards, Satya

I have a multivariate polynomial equation, in that somehow I know the coeffcients, using this information, I want to extract the variables. This will be the opposite of coeffs function.

for e.g. I have 3*x3 + 5*x4

Given 3 and 5, I want to extract x3 and x4.


Thanks in advance.




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