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These are questions asked by scumath

I need three orthogonal unit vectors, k, i, and j. I give the first two vectors, k=[sqrt(2)-1,-1,1] and i=[1,sqrt(2)-1,0], then use crossproduct to produce the third vector j=crossprod(k,i) . But it fails to produce the correct vector since dotprod(j,k) is not 0. 

I have used Maple to do a lot of plottings. But the image quality is not always satisfactory.

So I wonder if Maple can produce high quality images (surfaces), like those displayed here:

Thanks for your suggestions.


How can I write a Maple program (using if..else) to find the first positive integer n (between 1 and 355)such that 355 can divide n*m (m is an integer, say 199) ? Thanks for your help. 

Is it possible to display the value of each contour line when using contourplot to plot contour lines? And how? Thanks.  

Something like this: 


 I wonder how to use Maple to define the following function and draw its graph.

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