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Thank you for your help. Your code is much simpler. Just  by controlling the number of points of a circle!


What does adaptive=false mean here? Thanks again.

Just use the FileManager (the button ) to upload your images into your blog entry. See for details.

"Example 3 seems to be an error in the implementation of Maple 8."

But the code in Example 3 do produce the graph with Maple 8.


Thanks for your following commands which are better and simpler than those in my Example (I have intertchanged region1 and plotfg in the display so that the curves appear above the region.).

f:=x->x; g:=x->x^2; a:=0; b:=1;

It seems the option filledregions in your second example is only available in Maple 11.

Thank you very much for the direction.

I use Maple 8 and the animation is OK. I don't know how animations are  displayed in Maple 9.5 or 11.

No politics at all.
It is about property rights.
The Chinese on the image says , "This image is only used among users of only." 
Which means  the site does not allow its pics to be used outsite, I suppose.

But the file maneger is not very efficient, I think. For many times, I have to paste images separately by coying the sites of  the images. 

I am interested to know if MaplePrimes allows its images to be used or linked to other sites (blogs or forums)?

Is there a place in MaplePrimes where the user can find all the entries (blog posts, forum topics, comments, replies, files,...) she/she has posted or uploaded? Thanks.

I wonder if there are size limits for uploaded files. And what are they? How much for jpg files and for gif files. Thanks.

What operation does expand do to a vector?

RA := phi -> [cos(phi),sin(phi),0];
RI := phi -> [-sin(phi)*cos(phi),-sin(phi)*sin(phi),cos(phi)];
expand(RA(phi)+ t*RI(phi/2));

                 RA := phi -> [cos(phi), sin(phi), 0]

       RI := phi -> [-sin(phi) cos(phi), -sin(phi) , cos(phi)]

          phi      phi                     phi 2
  [-sin(---) cos(---) t +    cos(phi), -sin(---)  t + sin(phi),
            2        2                         2

    cos(---) t]


Thank you. Maybe Maple 8 is out of date here in MaplePrimes.

Thank you,Robert. I have made it.

radiusVector := phi -> ([cos(phi),sin(phi),0]):
ribbonVector := phi -> ([-sin(phi)*cos(phi),-sin(phi)*sin(phi),cos(phi)]):
plot3d(expand(radiusVector(phi) + t*ribbonVector(phi/2)),phi=0..2*Pi,t=-0.3..0.3);

If we ignore all the options, can I simpify your code to the following (Still does not work.)?

radiusVector := (phi) -> Vector([cos(phi),sin(phi),0]):
ribbonVector := (phi) -> Vector([-sin(phi)*cos(phi),-sin(phi)*sin(phi),cos(phi)]):
plot3d(radiusVector(phi) + t*ribbonVector(phi/2),phi=0..2*Pi,t=-0.3..0.3);
Plotting error, empty plot

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