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In trying to answer a question for one of my students I found the following strange behavior: The probability density for the time t that standard Brownian motion started from 0 first hits the value a > 0 is: f := a*exp(-a^2/(2*t))/(sqrt(2*Pi)*t^(3/2)) Then the expected value of this hitting time is: int(t*f, t = 0 .. infinity) Maple 11 gives the answer signum(a)*infinity which is correct, as long as one understands that signum(a)=1. However, if one now assumes that a > 0 and integrates, then the answer is incorrect:
It's obvious how to use Maple 10 for creating a document, but has anyone used Maple 10 for presentations? I'm going to present in a seminar in a couple of weeks and have some Maple demonstrations and graphics to show the group. I'd be interested in hearing tips, suggestions, experiences and ideas for presenting mathematical content to a group from within Maple. (I'm familair of course, with Powerpoint and LaTeX slides, and the LaTeX Prosper package. I'd use LaTeX/Prosper except that then I have to embed the Maple in the presentation. It would be more convenient if I can use Maple solely.)
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