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These are questions asked by segfault

How do you substitute into a contravariant index of a tensor say

T[~mu, nu]     ?

Nothing seems to work, I tried to subs(~mu=~1,T[~mu, nu]), subs(mu=1,T[~mu, nu]), and all permutations.

Substituting values into the covariant index works fine but not contravariant.

Surely it must be possible ?

I caught aome serious errors with Maple 22 calculating the Ricci tensor not only wrong for known metrics, but also producing garbage entries in the Ricci tensor e.g. bare thetas where only trigonometric functions of angles are expected. Completely wrong.

That aside,

I need to replace the built in Ricci tensor calculation in Maple and therefore need maple to contract the Christoffel Symbols.

d_[alpha](Christoffel[~alpha, mu, nu]) - d_[nu](Christoffel[~alpha, mu, alpha]) + Christoffel[~beta, mu, nu]*Christoffel[~alpha, beta, alpha] - Christoffel[~beta, mu, alpha]*Christoffel[~alpha, nu, beta]

How do I tell Maple to contract thae alpha and beta indices in above expression, without crudely having to set up Summing.?

Multiplaction "dot" in Maple 2022 is way too small - causes errors.

e.g. two variables multiplied s*m ends up being sm a new variable as I cannot really see that there is a missing multiplication operator between the variables. This causes huge unnecessary errors.

Maple 9.x e.g had nice clear and big operators and this kind of error was avoided.

How can I undo this unfortunate regression in Maple 2022 to increase the size of multiplication operator and other operators, so that they actually becom visible and not just a little dot almost a pixel in size.

If I was a falcon (20x20)^infinity then this would have been ok, but I am not, I am human.

So how do I change this unfortunate regression so that these errors can be avoided.?

Why does Maple 2022 still have only a history of ten files in the Recents ?

It makes it very difficult to search for files you opened but only realised later you need, but then it is long out of the silly 10 history list.

Isnt there a way to make a perpetual list so that all files opened are saved chronologiacally against date, or... at least be able to increase the silly 10 recent files to something like 30


OS Linux

I have Maple 2022 open with a worksheet on a specific workspace.

I then move to a different workspace and want to start a new instance of maple for a new problem.

In command line I exacute

$]xmaple22 –standalone

Unfortunately when the new instance is started, the open maple instance on the first workspace is moved automatically to the second workspace together with the new instance opened, completely messing up the organization.

This is not expected behavior.

How can I make Maple execute absolutely independent instances of xmaple22 without indiscressionately and automatically moving existing open maple instances to the current workspace.

Severely annoying. Maple 9.5 e.g. does not have this behavior at all so Maple 2022 is a step backwards in this regard.


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