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These are questions asked by sjaryal

how to use Appell hypergeometric function in maple? Is there any command for that like hypergeom ???

greatings all,

I want to calculate energy momentum tensor for a given metric. is it possible to calculate it in the physics package?


hello dear,

was working with tensor package using debever formalism in maple v release 5 and got this problem, 
Error, (in factor) expecting a polynomial over an algebraic number field. would u tell me how to deal with this error in maple v release 5. aprl12.mws

hello dear,

I was intersted in finding Weyl scalars for a given metric, would be really helpful if anyone can give me an example of how to find a Weyl Scalar for a given metric or set of null tetrads using Debever formalism in Tensor package(more specifically, how to define h in debever formalism for a given set of null tetrad or for a given metric).


I need to calculate Weyl scalar for a metric using null tetrad using debever package in maple 13. However, I am stuck at the defination of h (representing the covariant complex null tetrad). Is it the product of covariant null tetrad? I have worked it out by using covariant, contravariant and both covariant and contravariant null tetrad (like l_a*l_a, l^a*l^a, l_a*l^a), however, i am not getting the right result not even for the example given in the maple help for plane wave. please help me out that how should i define this h.


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