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Hi I am seeking to the analytic solution of the integral int(((alpha^2+mu^6/alpha^4)*E[1]+(alpha+mu^4/alpha^3)*E[2]+(1+mu^2/alpha^2)*E[3]+1/alpha*E[4])*omega/sinh(Pi*omega)*(alpha-a-I*k)^2*exp(-2*I*omega*theta),alpha=-infinity..infinity) where omega:=1/2*(alpha-mu^2/alpha) and other parameters are real constants. Any helping would be appreciated. cheers Sayed
Hi Is there any way by maple to determine the real roots of the plolynomial of order 6 R:= 3*alpha^6-6*alpha^5*delta+(6*delta*a-c_p+mu^2-4*a^2)*alpha^4+mu^2*(6*delta*a-c_p+mu^2-4*a^2)*alpha^2-6*delta*alpha*mu^4+3*mu^6 based on the constants parameters mu, a, delta and c_p. The only information about this polynomial I found is that R has even number of real solutions. This is because mu^6*R(alpha)-R(mu^2/alpha)=0 Thanks Sayed
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