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I am making a tool to remove all this redundant stuff, so I have been looking into these eps files generated by Maple. So I now found out that it is not always 8 timer. Sometimes Maple will make up to a hundres redundant objects for just one necesary. One little segment of a line, for example from x1,y2 to x2,y2, it will make a line from x1,y1 to x2,y2, then one from x2,y2 to x1,y1, then one from x1,y1 to x1,y1 (That's right, same beginning and end), and so on and so on. Each little segment can this way consist of up to 100 lines, where all but one can be removed, with the exact same output! There is some serious flaw in the function Maple use to save eps! My program so far just removes duplicate lines following each other, and lines that begin and end in the same points. Still that removed 98 to 99 percent of the lines in my eps files from Maple. A 998kb eps became 47kb. Only 4.7 percent of the original size. And this new eps looks the exact same when printed.
Thanks for the answer, but I need these maple graphs though. I found a bit of solutions now myself. Adobe Illustrator can read maple eps properly, except it has to substitute the fonts. But eps saved with adobe illustrator gives me erorr messages in ghostview. I found a converter called Transverter Pro that I let convert the eps made from maple to eps. Just eps to eps, and it fixes the font problem, so they won't dissapear in other programs, but again by substituting them. So it seems there is a problem with the way maple puts text in eps files. Another thing I discovered is that Maple saves every segment of a curve 8 times in the eps. For every segment, there is 8 exact identical lines. This is weird. It obviosly makes the eps almost 8 times as big as necesary as you can remove the 7 duplicates of each segment, and the graph will be the exact same. I wonder why it does this. It would be easy to write a program to trim these away though.
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