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How do I convert an expression like 22=K/.9 to latex.

If I right click 22=K/.9 or write latex(22=K/.9) I get  22= 1.111111111\,K - in other words it decided to evaluate 1/.9 before converting it.  To me this 1.11111 is wrong - it's an ugly approximation of 1/.9 - why can't it just leave the equation alone?

So again, is there a way to convert an expression to latex without this evaluation happening? 

(I'm using maple13)


I'm just learning ODEs and have a textbook problem I'm trying to plot in Maple 13. For the ODEs, In the first year I have a certain behaviour (contaminated water flows into a pool) and in subsequent years fresh water enters the pool. I'd like to show both behaviours on the same plot. How would you do this? Here is what I did to make two separate plots: In the first year - I have contaminatation of a pool: ode1 := diff(q(t), t) = 3-3*q(t)/10^4 DEplot(ode1, q(t), t = 0 .. 8760, [q(0) = 0], title = "contaminant accumulation in the first year")
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