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I am trying to use Maple to produce an image that will be part of a math paper.  The final image must be in .eps format.  Whenever I produce a plot in Maple17 and click on it, it looks like the image has the shape of a square (regardless of what's inside it), perhaps with a lot of empty space.  I want an image without a lot of empty space, and I'd like Maple to do this.  If I crop a square image using some other application, it is not going to improve the quality of the image and might hurt it.  

If the answer to question in the Title is "no", can anyone suggest a good way to produce a good .eps image from a Maple plot that is cropped properly to eliminate as much empty space as possible?  I have Photoshop, but I don't know if this is the best way to go.

I wrote a toy file that plots a simple curve.  I'll upload it and provide a link to it.  If you execute the code and click on the image, you'll see that it is a square with a lot of empty space.











Download Nov122013.mw


I am having trouble getting a certain Maple worksheet to execute.  Using both Maple17 (I think it is 17.02) installed on two separate PC's at home (XP), and using Maple15 via Citrix from a server maintained by my employer, I get a long error message.  It starts:    "Kernel connection has been lost.  You should save this worksheet and restart Maple.  Executing commands in Maple requires a connection to the Maple kernel.  Firewalls have been known to cause problems with kernel connections in Maple.".  If anyone wants, I can add the entire error message to this question. I don't think I actually have a firewall at home, and this error message doesn't seem to explain why my local copy of Maple is having trouble.

I think I updated my home copy of Maple to Maple 17.02 after I started writing the worksheet and before this problem appeared, so there may be an issue with Maple 17.02.  But this would not seem to explain the trouble I have executing the worksheet using Maple15 via Citrix.

I have uploaded the file.  I removed the output to make it a reasonable length.  I created a "toy" file that plots x^2 from x = 1 to x = 4, and does nothing else, and it works just fine.  I apologize for the length of the file I uploaded, but I don't know exactly what is causing  the error.




I am creating a plot in Maple17 which will include many line segments and polygons.  I want the axes to be equally scaled, so that line segments that are perpendicular actually look perpendicular.  When I view what I have created so far, line segments that are perpendicular do not appear to be so in a plot, even though I used the "scaling=constrained" option several times.  I created a stripped-down file that isolates the problem.  Here it is:



segp := proc(pt1, pt2)
  description "plot of line segment between two points";
  local m;
end proc:

slope := proc(pt1, pt2)
  description "slope of line segment btwn two different points";
end proc:



pa9:=[0.1864032968, 0.9824733131];

[.1864032968, .9824733131]


pa16:=[0.6816387600, 0.7316888689];

[.6816387600, .7316888689]


pd9:=[0.05940746930, 0.7316888689];

[0.5940746930e-1, .7316888689]










Download perp.mw


An angle that should be a right angle looks obtuse in the plot.  I used "scaling=constrained" in both the "display" command and the "segp" procedure.  I am using "polygonplot" to plot line segments (degenerate polygons) because the final plot will contain genuine polygons and this seemed like the easiest way to do it.  If this is a bad idea for some reason I can change it.



I am having trouble getting Maple to work with fractional exponents.  When I ask Maple to compute 8^(2/3) and 8^(1/3), it just echoes my input, instead of returning 4 and 2, respectively, as it should (I think the overwhelming majority of mathematicians would agree that Maple should return 4 and 2.  It is conventional not to consider complex numbers when defining, e.g.,  "8^(1/3)" unless a problem specifies that you need to consider complex numbers).  When I ask for 4^(1/2...


I am trying to get DiffTutor to work in Maple17, using Worksheet mode, and it doesn't do anything.  Here is the code and the output.  I cut-and-pasted it and the output looks weird, but you can see that Maple didn't do anything:

   [Calculus1, LinearAlgebra, MultivariateCalculus,

     NumericalAnalysis, Precalculus, SetColors, SetDefault,


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