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When I plot someting in Maple17, it appears in a small square window that's horizontally centered.  I want to be able to create plots that appear larger.  There's plently of space on the screen for plots to be much larger.

Yes, I know I can grab the corner of a plot and drag it to make it bigger.  That's not what I want (that takes time, and it's tricky to maintain the aspect ratio).  I want the plot to appear large when I execute the plotting command.

I've searched for answers both on Google and mapleprimes, and come up empty.


This is a silly question, but Maple's help menu didn't address it, and I couldn't find an answer in a few minutes of Web-surfing.  I have Maple15 installed on my office PC.  I have managed to set the default settings to avoid Maple's recent "disprovements", so that, for example, I can see what I've typed.  Using Maple today, in worksheet mode, for some reason a command prompt does not appear after I execute a command.  I want one to.  Does anyone know how to fix this?


Maple people:

The title is the question.  I would like to know if there is any Maple code available, either part of Maple itself or written by a user, to do computations with quaternions or dual quaternions.

I could Google this and probably find something, but I'll probably find a more helpful and less outdated answer here.

I am teaching a student about the subject and I'd like something to help me teach and help him learn.

I have a lot of experience with Maple but I am not a "computer person", so if the code involves fancy "libraries" or something beyond regular Maple worksheets, I may need a few tips how to use it.


"Circular segment" is the unfortunate but standard term for the region between a chord and an arc of a circle sharing the same endpoints (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circular_segment).  I say "unfortunate" because the phrase suggests a line segment when it actually means a planar region.

I would like to plot a shaded circular segment using Maple17.  I want the endpoints of the chord & arc to be anything I please, so the chord is not necessarily horizontal, or vertical, or the diameter of the circle, etc.

At the URL


there is an image containing a shaded circular segment, but I don't see what code produced the image.  The image there includes a horizontal chord, and I don't know if the code used to produce that image can be adapted for chords that are not horizontal.

If I have to, I can plot a shaded polygon with a huge number of sides that is indistinguishable from a circular segment.  I have plotted polygons before.  But it would obviously be preferable to plot a shaded circular segment.

If there a way to plot two curves of the form r = f(theta) and shade the region between them?  This would be better than the huge-polygon approach, but not as good as a simple command for plotting a shaded circular segment, if such a command exists.

I am trying to use Maple17 to create practice integration problems in which the integrands contain square roots.  I want the students to practice converting square roots, perhaps with fractions, to fractional and/or negative powers.  Hopefully Maple can typeset the integrals if I use the inert form "Int", and also do the integrals for me so I can find the answers quicker than doing it by hand, and not have to worry about making a careless mistake.  The trouble is, Maple is converting the square roots to fractional exponents:

Download DisplaySquareRoot.

Download DisplaySquareRoot.mw

I hope at least one of these works.  To make a long story short, when I display an integral using "Int", how do I prevent Maple from converting square roots to fractional exponents?





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