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These are questions asked by strokebow

For MathieuA and MAthieuB:

Values returned by MathieuA  and MathieuB are characteristic values  of the corresponding Mathieu function only when v  is a rational number and MathieuA  and MathieuB  return a different number only when  v  is an integer.

You can see a plot on maple pages for a0, a1,.. a4. And b1, b2,..., b5.

However, I would like to plot characteristic values for non-integer values. I would like to do this...



I am new to Maple and asked a question a few days a go and got a great answer (thanks for that!). I am getting more familiar with the software.


However, I am struggling to plot a 'stability diagram' with the Mathieu solutions. 


In an attempt to solve the equations from (link):


Hi guys,


I am fairly new to Maple so please go easy on me!


I have seen the Mathieu equation in my chemistry book regarding quadrupole mass spectrometer. I want to know how I can use Maple to solve the equation and to plot a 'stability diagram'?


The equation is seen here (in this link):

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