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I am trying to simplify a large expression using simplify(), but it takes too long and I eventually run out of processing power after a few days. Is there any way I could get similar results with an alternative function?

Any help is appreciated.

I have a system of PDEs from Mathematica as a list of equations stored in a text file. I would like to bring it to Maple to solve it. I know how to use , however, I want to import or read the file without displaying its content (being too big), and assign it to a Maple variable. Is there a way of doing it on Maple.

I have a long expression stored in a variable. The expression contains different orders of the derivative of a function u(x,y,z). Is it possible to find all the derivatives of u appearing in the expression? For example, if my expression is 3 uxx - 3 uxy + 4 x u - 7 x uz + u uxx, then I would like to get {uxx, uxy} if I specify order 2 and {uz} if order 1.

I would like to use DifferentialGeometry to calculate some tensors. I don't want to use the Christoffel symbols as defined but I need to assign them new values, and make Maple use them later in the tesor calculations. Any help how I can do that?

Thank you

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