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Thanks, i had no programming experience ever before and could not really understand the meaning of residuals, and what is meaning of "t" you used? Sorry but is "a+b*t+c*t^n" equivalent to  "y=ax^n+bx+c" i was asking for?


Here is my two colums of data in excel, I have tried pasting them into the Vector braket, but the results i got was: a=0.000520, b=-865.64,c=865.64, n=1.000, this seems to far off from what i got from the "curving fitting assistant". thanks for your help once again.

3.71E-05 -3.57E-08
5.27E-01 6.43E-06
1.05E+00 1.51E-05
1.58E+00 2.57E-05
2.11E+00 3.74E-05
2.63E+00 5.08E-05
3.16E+00 6.65E-05
3.68E+00 8.55E-05
4.21E+00 1.21E-04
4.74E+00 1.63E-04
5.26E+00 2.21E-04
5.79E+00 2.97E-04
6.32E+00 3.92E-04
6.84E+00 5.09E-04
7.37E+00 6.51E-04
7.89E+00 8.20E-04
8.42E+00 1.07E-03
8.95E+00 1.30E-03
9.47E+00 1.55E-03
1.00E+01 1.83E-03


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