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Got the script below, was trying to plot data from excel in maple and get a curve fitting. i was trying to get the residual meansquare for the curve fitted (last line script), but the script did not return anything. see attached. please let me know what was wrong.


@epostma Thank you , that really worked. My next question is, if the raw data is in a text file, other than data pasted into excel, how can i import the the two columns of data and do the similar calculation?

The text file is attached.

[0, 0, 0]
Voltage_1 (1) Current_1 (1)
+2.084844E-03 -1.539501E-11
+1.008272E+00 +7.418045E-11

I have the following script 


, where i tried to import two collumns of data from excel, what am i suppose to put after "display" to obtain the plot?


I want to import two columns of data from excel files into vector, V and C. I know the code for reading from excel is like this:

can any one tell me what mistake i made, why there are 3 error mesaages: unable to match delimiters. untable to store my data, and independent and dependent data do not match????

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