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I want to analyze the runtimes on certain Linear Algebra functions in Maple, so I need a (large) set of matrices to input into these functions.

I have written the below code, which does succesfully generate a file of matrices:

The resulting file looks like:

However, I am unable to read the matrices from this file back into Maple. When using the code below, I get an error.

I think the error is that %a in fscanf scans up to the next whitespace, so the spacing in Matrix(3, 3, [[9,1,-4],[-5,6,-10],[-10,-4,-4]]) is throwing fscanf off. Do you guys know of any way I can fix this?


Or, is there a better way for me to generate these matrices so that they can be easily read into Maple? I've considered using ImportMatrix/ExportMatrix, but I believe that they only work for a single matrix, not the numerous ones that I would need. 

In functions such as fsolve, there is an optional parameter that allows one to specify the interval to perform the function on. Additionally, sometimes, if a solution is left out, one can specify an interval to search on to obtain the missing solution.

How does Maple determine the interval to search on if this is not specified?


(Additional Question - you don't have to answer this)

Ultimately, I am asking this question because I have a function for Newton's method; however, it requires an interval to run. I have read that fsolve uses Newton's method, so I am curious how to automatically select such an interval. Does anyone know how to implement such a thing?

I am curious about the numerical method(s) used by Maple to calculate fsolve. I've looked at the documentation (, but the method(s) used are not stated on there. Does anyone know which method Maple uses in fsolve? Additionally, does Maple use multiple methods and if so, how does it determine which one to use? Thanks!

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