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These are questions asked by tatan2501


I want to find books of probability or stadistics where all topics are explained in depth. I need books where all formulas are deduced and all theorems are demonstrated.

May somedody recommend to me some books?


I need to generate 200 random numbers from a normal(0,1). I used the following code:

for i from 1 to N by 1 do:
end do:

This code works. But the numbers generated aren't a random sample. You can check that in the following qqplot.

I'm trying to plot two "inequal" using "display". I wrote the following code:

I have worked with Maple the last 3 years...but this year I want to work with MatLab.

I will be very grateful if you recommend me some Manual to learn MatLab.



I´m writing the following code in maple:

> with(plots):
> inequal(y>x^2,x=-1..1,y=0..1);

But The "Inequal Command" doesn´t run with non-linear inequalities.

How do I do that graph with maple?

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