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I am using finite element analysis and have 47008 nodes, so require a 47008 by 47008 matrix.  I wish to create the matrix using a procedure and using if statements to fill in the matrix with the equations (mostly repeating and every element in each row is 0 excpet for 4 or 5).  Anyway, I have tested my solution method on a much smalller matrix and know it works.  My question is if there is a way to create such a large matrix without getting a memory error, and...


I am trying to solve for the 2D temperature distribution (heat flow) through a brick, using finite element analysis.  I created a 341*341 matrix for each nodal equation, and a column vector that is the solutions to each equation.  I want to find the temperature at each node using A^-1 * B or LinearSolve(A,B).  My problem is that when I do this the entire solution vector is 15.  I have a constraint where the bottome nodes are all at 0 degrees. ...

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