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How do I combine a number of functions into a composite one?

For example
x := T -> (A - 1/T)/C;

y := x -> sqrt(1/27*B^3/C^3 + 1/4*x^2);

Combined into a final composite function
R := T -> exp((y - 1/2*x)^(1/3) - (y + 1/2*x)^(1/3)); such that the function R evaluates x and y as functions themselves.

Many times this sort of function definition makes it easier for the human.

Does Maple Flow support unit prefixes?

Can I "cast" units from one prefixed form to another? For example show 1000ohm as 1Kohm?

Does Maple Flow support the Maple Physics[Vectors] package? If so, how are vectors entered?

This forum complains when I paste an image of my Maple Flow work, asking that I copy and paste the content, instead of the image. How do I accomplish content copy and paste with Maple Flow?

Not all of the units I work with are available directly in Maple Flow (torque, especially). Can I create new units in some manner? How does Maple Flow handle conversions? The following is an attempt to coerce desired units that does not work:

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