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When I annotate a MapleFlow worksheet, I would like to typset some text as a superscript or a subscript for clarity, and to match the math expression. Is there a method to format text using superscripts and subscripts?

Axis properties and line width reverts to some set of defaults each time my work recalculates the plot. Is there a way I can keep the axis properties and line width from changing each time recalculation occurs?

I've used LinearSolve(A,b) to find three unknowns. How do I assign these values to three named variables?

I assigned the resulting vector to a new one


and then, one by one, assigned the elements to variables

C1:= V[1}

C2:= V[2]

C3:= V[3]

But there perhaps is a more elegant way to do this?

I've tried some simple uses of solve in MapleFlow without success. For example


does not return


Does solve work in MapleFlow? Is there a problem with this Maple syntax in MapleFlow?

If I select Insert | Header Footer ... and choose the Custom Header tab, I don't see a way to create a multi-line header. How do I create a custom multi-line header?

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