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These are questions asked by tiradentes

Before doing an explore-plot command I had given constant or expression assignments to certain parameters in preliminary statements, e.g.

k = 4* 10-5 ;

mpgo = 45;

mpgave = mpgo - k*(md /2 );

mpgmave = mpgo - k*(m / 2);


Then I did an explore-plot :


Explore(plot(7.28*m*( (1/mpgmave) - (1/mpgave) ) ,

The expression below is not producing any plot, although the axes and sliders are set :

I'd like to be able to plot a function that not only has a range for the dependent variable(s) but also for any "variable constants" that may be in the expression.

For example, if I wanted to plot the following expression :

                    y = A sin(wx + c)

and also to explore its behaviour over the following ranges for A, w and c :

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