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I've written a procedure which currently outputs, for example, 3/8*2^(1/3)*k^(4/3). However when I plot this it doesn't give me the correct graph that I'm looking for. I've found that rewriting the equation as  3/8*2^(1/3)*(k^2)^2/3 will give me the proper function in Maple, however I don't know how to get my procedure to output the equation in terms of k^2. I'm sure there's a fairly straightforward solution- does anyone know what I'm missing?


I am trying to determine whether there is a particular order to how Maple displays complex and real solutions to equations. for example if I input


There are obviously complex and real solutions to this, and the output displays both but does Maple always display the real solutions first?



I am currently trying to build some procedures in Maple that calculate the Legendre-Fenchel transformation for functions that are convex, nonconvex, differentiable and non-differentiable functions. I seem to be ok in the convex case, but cannot seem to find a way of getting Maple to calculate this transformation symbolically for nonconvex functions (both differentiable and non-differentiable). It appears to me that the only way to deal with these cases is to...

I am currently conducting some research using Maple and was wondering if anyone knows whether it is possible to get Maple to identify the non-differentiable points of a function? Also, if I convert a function so that it is piecewise defined how can I extract the separate pieces of the function to work with them individually? Many thanks.

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