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Hi Maple friends,

I am trying to run a script I have written in Maple 2016 directly from my Terminal on my MacAir. I have OSSierra 10.12.1 and Maple 2016.

My script needs to read a file in and then run, whilst writing to some files on the way. I need this, since I want my script to be run on a large computer on my institute, where I have no interface/Maple open and has to access data on the way.

So, I go to Terminal, and stand in the directory of where the file/scrips is (lets call it terminal_test.mpl OR terminal_test.txt) and then write:

./maple terminal_test.mpl

and get back

No such file or directory 

I also get this if I use .txt file AND if I write "Maple 2016" instead of ./maple. I have tried to write 

open "Maple 2016" terminal_test.mpl 

and then Maple opens in the right file, but does not run it. This is just to show, that my terminal can find the program. But this is not what I want. As I said, I would like it to:

start running a script from Terminal - read a file to be used in the script - on the way, write to 6-8 different files, that I can then access whilst the script is running. So my questions are: 

  1. How do I run the script/file in the first place, and am I in the right place?
  2. Where do I place the files to be read during the running of the script (Reading to script works fine already, so it should work also if I can just run the script/file)?
  3. Where do the files I create in my script end, so I can access them?

Thank you so much for any answer - I have not been able to find anything on the net so far that could help me, but I know you guys are really good on this.




I am trying to write a procedure to see, which (di)-graphs are isomorphic (here represented by there 3*3 adjecency-matrices). When I try the procedure for all 3*3-matrices with entries in {0,1} (there are 512 of them), I get the following error:
"Error, (in GraphTheory:-IsIsomorphic) invalid subscript selector"

Can you possibly say, what I am doing wrong? My code is the following:

getIso3 := proc(liste)
  local i,k,M1,c,d:
  c := 0:
  M1 := [[liste[1]]]:
  for i from 2 to numelems(liste) do
    for k from 1 to numelems(M1) do
        if IsIsomorphic(Digraph([a,b,c], liste[i]),Digraph([a,b,c],M1[k][1])) then
          M1[k] := [op(M1[k]), liste[i]]:
          c := 1:
        end if:
    end do:
    if c=0 then
      M1 := [op(M1), [liste[i]]]:
      c := 0:
    end if:   end do: 
end proc:


My input is a list (JJ) of 512 3*3 matrices constructed the following way :

all9Perm := proc(list)
  local P,i,m,n,A:
  P := list:
  for i from 0 to 9 do
    m:= i:  n:= 9-i:
    A := combinat:-permute([1$n, 0$m]):
    P := [op(P), op(1..numelems(A),A)]:
end proc:
K := []:
L := all9Perm(K):
listoflistsToListofmatrices := proc(liste)
  local M,i:
  M := []:
  for i from 1 to numelems(liste) do
      M := [op(M), Matrix([
          [ liste[i][1] , liste[i][2] , liste[i][3] ],
          [ liste[i][4] , liste[i][5] , liste[i][6] ],
          [ liste[i][7] , liste[i][8] , liste[i][9] ]])
  end do:
end proc:
JJ := listoflistsToListofmatrices(L):


When I run this procedure on some of the 512 matrices it does work, but it crashes somewhere around matrix 350. I have try so split the list of the 512 matrices, and I am able to run the procedure on these splits, but this is very inconvenient :-)

I hope you can help me. Also if this can be done in an easier way - I am new to programming and recieve help with a smile.

Yours, Tomas.

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