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Thanks a lot - in the end, I was able to open Maple in my Terminal and could run the script directly there, and not from a file. I think this is what I need, else I might get back to you. 

Yours, Tomas.


But when I write 

open maple

it opens Maple and the right file, that does not happen if I do the same with an .mpl file or .txt file. So it recognizes maple as a program, I would reckon.


It says, with 

maple OR "Maple 2016"

it says 

-bash: maple: command not found OR -bash: Maple 2016: command not found

I forgot to write -bash: earlier, but it also wrote this in my earlier post.
I thought about > me bad :-)



Thanks a lot - I will try to use the rest of your advice later, but to begin with, when I write 

maple program_to_run.mpl   OR "Maple 2016" file_to_run.mpl

it returns

 maple: command not found  OR Maple 2016: command not found

and when I write

 >maple program_to_run.mpl

it returns

terminal_test.mpl: command not found 

I'm sorry, but terminal is a bit new to me, and I am a bit lost here.

Thanks again for help. T. 


It actually just failed on 4*4 with the same error-message (invalid subscript selector) :(

What to do? :-)


@Carl Love 

Thanks a lot - I do not get all the equivalence classes running your procedure, what am I doing wrong? Do you think it will run efficiently on 4*4 and 5*5 matrices as well?



I have now, and it works. Thank you so much. Is there a way to time the procedure? I need to see if I can run the procedure for 4*4 and 5*5 matrices as well. Afterwards I need to select a specific example from each equivalence class - but that I think I can manage.


@tomleslie @dharr

I tried running tomleslie's code, and also got 25 errors.

Maybe a workaround would be to try the whole calculation in SAGE. Do you have experience with that program (I have tried a little).

THANK YOU so much for your good answers. 

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