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As shown in the image bellow. The first statement of fsolve function yields nothing but evaluating the expression. I copied the expression into the second command line and got the result. How can I make the first one works, since it belongs to a proc in my program. 

I constantly need to run a part of my code. I define that part as a proc. But each time, I need to check all the variables appears inside the proc are declared as global, otherwise the output will be ruined. I figured if I can set the implicitly declared type in a proc as global then things will become simple.

I have several plots need to be dislayed together. They are not assigned color property before hand. I knew that I can use display command to plot them together. But I wondered if I can plot them in different colors.

I'm using maple 11. I found today a wield thing happened when I assigning values to a list.

When Maple was just started, everything is working well. But after several operations, error messages shown bellow appeared. If restart the Maple, everything went well again.



I have defined a function G, which has only one input parameter. I'm excuting following code.

sum(G(13-j), j = 0 .. 2)

with debug swiching on for 'sum' and 'G'. I got following error message:


{--> enter G, args = `+`(13, `-`(j))

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