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I have a maplet application stored in a single file, one of them a frontend. This single file is too long and very combersome to maintain. The frontend maplet has buttons that goes to a proc that displays another maplet depending on what button is pressed. Will someone tell me if it is possible to break down this single file into several files with one maplet each file so that when a button is pressed sysem goes to that file. If this is possible, please provide the maplet syntax. I tried ...function=c:\\..etc but does not work. Also when my application is broken into several files, how does it affect the exportation of this application with several files.
To anyone: Will someone provide maple syntax to plot the following lines f(x), x=a, x=b from x=c..d where f(x) is an explicit function and x=a and x=b are vertical lines and the extend of the graph from x=c to x=d. This should give me the graph of the 3 equations from x=c to x=d. I tried implicitplot, graph it led me nowhere. Many thanks PV
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