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To Maplet Experts:
There is dearth of work  on ComboBox, a maplet element.  How does one access an item in a ComboBox.  How does one know which item in the itemlist is selected.  How does one pass selected item as an argument in a function,
I will appreciate any respond to these questions. 
Pat Velez

The code generates lines parallel to the opposite side of a given triangle. How can I control the animation to stop at x=10 or not to go outside the triangle.

I have conmpleted a maplet application. It takes 45 seconds to initiate the application. I understand to speed up my application is to convert it into a module. Can someone show me how to convert my applicatioh into module. Consider the application: with(Maplets[Elements]):Hello:=Maplet(["Hello World!", Button("OK", Shutdown())]): Maplets[Display](Hello): thanks in advance. Pat
To Maplet Experts: I am about to complete my maplet application developed in my desktop with screen resolution of 1440 by 900 pixels. My window layout has the following dimensions: width=850 and height=675. I am pleased with the layout of my application when shown in my desktop. I move my code to my laptop with screen resolutions of 1200 by 800 pixels. The layout of my application in my laptop is distorted and ugly even though I adjust the window layout using proportions. Is there a trick or rule of thumb I can follow when transfering an application from desktop to laptop. Thanks in advance
I uploaded a code intended to create a step by step solution to find the area of a triangle, starting with the formula, substitution, and evaluation of that statement. However the value of b[3], the evaluation part, is placed infront of the statement instead of the last statement. I have been looking at the code for weeks but I get no where. Maybe a second eye will see what is wrong with the code. View on MapleNet or Download
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