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Documentation on how to reference or assign values to elements in Table is limited. I uploaded a copy of a simple code (690_MTable) which tries to assign values to the elements the table. Code does not give and error message but does not do what I wanted to do. Please replace this text with the link to your file. The link can be found in the View on MapleNet or Download
To Maplet enthusiast: I uploaded a functional shortened code from a 35-page code. See under Recent Files. Although the file is compiled/interpreted successfully by Maple 11, the maplet plotter did not plot. I will appreciate it very much if someone can offer an explanation why the element failed and a possible suggestion on how to correct the problem. Many thanks Pat Velez
I would to get some ideas on how to write a maplet code that will animate step by step how to draw a rectangle ABCD: Draw side AB, and after this is done without removing side AB, draw side BC, and after this done without removing sides AB and BC, draw CD, and after this done without removing AB, BC and CD, draw DA. Although this is not really my problem, it is similar to the animation I am trying to create. Rectangle ABCD is constructed without user intervention. Thank you for any assistance you may come up with.
Has someone encountered a message from maple "A problem was encountered during the save. The output file may be incomplete." This happens to me several times. While editing a maple code and saving the changes, the message pops up. True enough, when the file is reopened most of the code is gone. Even the original file that works before is now unusable. Turning off the autosave as suggested by t/s does not work. Saving the with another name does not work. Appreciate assistance from anyone. thanks P.M. Velez
I am creating a maplet application which requires to provide theorems, definitions, and formulas with mathematical symbols. I used MathMLViewer element but it was very unfriendly. Is there any way to control this element to make the statement readable? For example: mu=sqrt(u[1]^2+u[2]^2+u[3]^2); angA:=arcos(u[1]/mu);angB:=arcos(u[2]/mu);angC:=arcos(u[3]/mu); t1:=`Magnitude of vector u is`*mu*`Direction angles are:`*`A=`*angA*`, B=`*angB*`, C=`*angC; with(Maplets:-Elements): maplet:=Maplet([[Mathviewer('fonsize'=10,wrapped=true,width=300,height=180,value=MathML-Export(t1))], [Button("OK",Shutdown())]]):Maplets-Display(maplet);
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