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I have a set of nonlinear equations (transcendental) containing variables and one free parameter. I want to solve this system for variables while varying parameter's value. I have tried with fsolve and solve commands keeping fixed the parameter value, but they are not solving yet. Is there any way to solve this system for a range of parameter's value.
The systmem is like this, x,y,z are the variables and 'a' is the parameter:

Many thanks in advance.

How to linearize this complex dynamical system around x1(t)=0, x2(t)=0, x3(t)=0. Basically i want to keep nonlinear part up to fifth order on the right hand side and later want to drop it. How can i do it. The maplesheet is attached.

Many thanks in advance.

Hello everyone, I am having problem while trying to evaluate the double integral written in the file attached Please help me out.
Many thanks in advance.

I have a long and complicated expression (say Eq1). I have to solve the two equations (obtained by taking real and imaginary parts of Eq1) for two unknowns. Normally it take around a day on my i5 (3.1 GHz, 4 cores), 8gb ram desktop. I looked into posts related to parallel programming but couldn't get much to reduce the computation time. Is there a way to reduce the computation time ?
Many thanks in advance.

I am trying to solve an equation by continuation method (one vairable and one parameter) containing more than 1000 terms and also hight exponents like 800. I want to get omega' values for different 'p' values.The maple file  is appended below. the link is

Many thanks in advance.

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