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I made an upgrade from Maple 13 to 14, but a program i wrote with maple 13 (ode event handling) simply is incorrect in maple 14. The events aren't recognized anymore. What is the problem?

Thank You.


When i start the simulation of my model, which is a rotor-stator interaction, i get an error message where the rotor first touches the stator: "Simulation problem: maximum number of event iterations reached (100) at t= ....". I made a custom component to handle the contact event (change of the derivatives), but i don't know where i can change the maximum iteration to a higher number.

Thank you.


I i have a 2nd order ODE where i want to chance the derivatives of x(t) and y(t) exactly at sqrt(x(t)^2+y(t)^2)=1 ,or before, as close to 1 as possible.

I found "event=" in/dsolve/numeric/events, where i can define the trigger and the action.

What is the difference between: "event=[[sqrt(...)-1,diff(x(t),t)=...],[sqrt(...)-1,diff(y(t),t)=...]]" and "event=[[sqrt(...)-1,[diff(x(t),t)=...,diff(y(t),t)=...]]]", because i get different results, which one is the correct form?


I want to make a model with an inner moving circle touching a non-moving, stiff outer circle. 2 differential equations describe the movement of the inner circle, i already have modelled thisand i have the x and y coordinates of the most "exposed point" which will touch the outer circle, as output variables (i could also add the derivatives as output). When the 2 circles touch, i want to "tell" the differential equation model the 2 new derivatives for x and y...

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