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Hello all,

I am trying to solve for the first-order derivative of a function f2 w.r.t variable a when it is equated to 0. the function f2 is a summation of two integrals as shown in the file. Kindly help me if there is any way to obtain solutions without numerical settings. Can functionalities like the Leibnitz rule be done in MAPLE? Thanks for your advice/help. 

I have a function with 3 variables fr2, fr3, and fr4. I want to find how this function varies with these variables in such a way that fr2+fr3+fr4 = 0.5.  All three variables are non-negatives. Please help me in generating a sensitivity report as fr2, fr3, and fr4 each varies across 0 to 0.5 in increments of 0.01 subject to their sum is equal to 0.5

Thank you.

The function is fn1 = 1.150000000*10^11*fr3 + 1.150000000*10^11*fr4 - 1.374950000*10^10 - 1.549500000*10^10*fr2

I have a function fn2 that I want to minimize. I'm not sure about the range of A. So I first want to check out if the function is convex or concave. Also need to find the optimum value of T w.r.t A for the fn2. But I'm not able to understand the solution, please help.






"D1(s,t) :=P- (alpha1-beta*S) +  alpha2 + beta2 *q(t)^();"

proc (s, t) options operator, arrow; P+beta*S-alpha1+alpha2+beta2*q(t) end proc






ode1 := diff(q(t), t)+theta*q(t)/(1+N-t) = -D1(s, t)

diff(q(t), t)+theta*q(t)/(1+N-t) = -P-beta*S+alpha1-alpha2-beta2*q(t)


fn1 := q(t)



ic1 := q(T) = 0

q(T) = 0


sol1 := simplify(dsolve({ic1, ode1}, fn1))

q(t) = (-S*beta-P+alpha1-alpha2)*(Int(exp(beta2*_z1)*(1+N-_z1)^(-theta), _z1 = T .. t))*exp(-beta2*t)*(1+N-t)^theta




Hello all. I'm trying to solve the following first-order differential equation. 

Please help in understanding why the equation (6) doesn't contain proper solution for the function q(t) on solving the ode1 with the given initial condition

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