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@dharr thank you for your valuable inputs. I understood the point.

@dharr thanks a lot for your detailed explanation with an example.

Just a doubt if you can help, please. Why did you say that there won't be any symbolic solutions for c>5? Is it specific to the numerical setting you had shown as an example or is it a generalized statement?

Thanks for your valuable time.

@Sauberschrauber Hello, I'm very obliged for pointing out the syntax errors, I have learned them well now thanks.

@mmcdara this was very very helpful. thank you so much! 

@Preben Alsholm thank you for the detailed explanation. 

@vv Thank you, understood your point.

@acer Apologies, as I'm very new to Mapleprime. I have edited my question.

Thanks again!

@acer yeah, I got it. have uploaded the file as required.

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