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For example, I want to have names of files with plots represent initial data and parameter of my ODE.

I tried

plotsetup(ps, plotoutput="c:/tmp/A["||a||"]M["||m||"]N["||n||"].eps", plotoptions=`color,portrait,noborder,width=16cm,height=12cm`);

By the way, PatrickT, your code does not work on my system (XP, Maple 13, worksheet mode)

Returns {Error, invalid terms in product}.

But once it did work and really created pictures, very strange.

Without trying to push variables to the name it all works fine. Maybe Maple sometimes doesn't understand what veriables I mean?

I think that

plots:-display(DEplot(ode1, q(t), t = 0 .. 8760, [q(0) = 0], title = "contaminant accumulation in the first year"), DEplot(ode2, q(t), t = 0 .. 17520, [q(0) = 17520], title = "contaminant dissipation in second year"));

should work

When I tried using print() it showed the results:

for i by 2 to 19 do

for k from 2 to 26 do


end do

end do

But I still don't know how to make it draw my plots in the main program (and also how to make it show the variables)

Oh, I understood that I can look for roots after a small indent from previous value:

S1 := RootFinding:-NextZero(unapply(rhs(X[i])-1, t), k[i]+0.0001);

S2 := RootFinding:-NextZero(unapply(rhs(X[i])+1, t), k[i]+0.0001);

k[i+1] := min(select(type, [S1, S2], numeric));

But I would be very much obliged to one who could provide more aesthetically acceptable way.

Thanks everyone!

Sorry for duplicating, I won't behave this way in future)

Thank you!

Maybe you can also help to ignore solutions that are not found by fsolve? =)

I have to find the smallest positive solution of two equations.

S1 := fsolve(T1 = 1, t = 0, 0 .. 1000000)
S2 := fsolve(T1 = -1, t = 0, 0 .. 1000000)
Resh := min(S1, S2)


1)One solution does not exist. So min() does not find anything.

2)t = 0, 0 .. 1000000 does not look cool, and I am going to place the text in my graduate work.

Is it possible to ask for the smallest positive solution?

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