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Hi, sorry if the question is stupid =)

On my slow machine only two iterations (consisting of 200 iterations) are possible without restart. So, to be able to leave evaluation for the night, I would like to restart server inside the loops.

But if I do so, will the values of a, m and n (see below) be lost?

So the question is - how can I restart maple server after this loop [for i to iter do

I want to show which parts of a sequence of plots were obtained later.

The program, written with a huge help from Mapleprimes forums (thanks!) draws some (for example, 200 but it varies) small plots and then paints all of them on one picture. It would be more clear if one could see what happened first. I am thinking of different colours for consequtive plots but not sure that know how to use them well.

If it may be important, the program is below. I would appreciate any help.


printlevel := 4;

iter := 200;


I have a loop that performs about 100 calculations, every calculation lasts about 2 minutes on my computer.

The machine is very slow, and often hangs despite Maple is the only actively running program. For example, after 5 successful calculations, nothing happens for 20 minutes (the computer almost doesn´t respond), then it starts working for a while, then hangs again.

Even after a night of counting much less than half of needed work is done.

Is it possible to do something here?

Is it possible to export a picture (plot) in a file?

If it may be important, I get hundreds of plots (in a loop) and would like to export all of them, for example as .jpg files.


I have a program (its content is not essential, but I inserted it. The values in outer loops were changed to have only one set of initial data).

printlevel := 5;

for a from .5 by .5 to .5 do

for m from -.999 by .4995 to -.999 do

for n from -5 by 5 to -5 do

ODE := diff(diff(x(t), t), t)+.2*(diff(x(t), t))-x(t) = a*sin(t); k[1] := 0;

ics[1] := x(k[1]) = m, (D(x))(k[1]) = n;

for i to 30 do

X[i] := dsolve({ODE, ics[i]});

u[i] := rhs(X[i]);

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