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i forgot... i want get a surface as a f(x,y) expression...
thanx this fake is working but it's a shame that it can't be done by some native ploting function cause its used in many engineering works...:)
...one more: can be created in maple a brand new symbol? something like P in a circle? or another symbol? in Maple is propagated "real" math notation but in engineering is many symbols which are not implemented in maple... In LATEX i can create any new metasymbols but i think that can't be done in maple but for now i wanna make new symbols from existing...like i wrote in previous post... another examle change integral symbol in 2d... there is a engeneering package which has good notation in chemic department...but each department has it's own notation and i didn't find a way how to do it (good example is P in a circle for "effective power" which we use in school :))
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