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hi all if i have random points in xy plane and for each point i have few measured values how can i fit a surface through that points?
i have two function f(x) and g(x) and i wanna plot them in one plot x=1200..2300, but for f(x) y=0..600 and for g(x) y=0..50. How can i display different scaling y-axis?
hi i have one question in maple is many function which can have two 2D output like sum: Sum(f,i=3..n); in 2d Sum(f,i=3..n); sum(f,i=3..n); in 2d (n-2)f; for example i wanna my own function which will has two forms like a sum but in unevalued form will be instead of sigma for example Q or another symbol and above and belove that symbol will be some values, and in evaluated form there will be expression or number; another example is Diff or BesselJ funcions which have both two forms (symbolic/algebraic) my question is how to make this? Q(4,2);
hi it seems that i realy did not undersand modules in maple 10 so here I come with a few question... 1, is possible to use modules right as a objects like in c++? 2, i want to have an objects: point,list where i want make list of points "pointlist:=list, pointlist.new(2,5),etc.(few points)" and i want to get list of my points related to variable poinlist.... so i need: make a new type: "point" and object "list" which can handle data of point type... how canI do this?
i'm curious if exist any possibility to make a procedure like


and then assign to it a typesseting rule which display statement



x (some symbol) y

thx for any advice...
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