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These are questions asked by weidade37211

I know we can use Maple LPSolver for linear programming problem (eg. https://www.maplesoft.com/support/help/Maple/view.aspx?path=Optimization/LPSolveMatrixForm), while I am wondering if we can use maple to solve a LP problem symbolically when some of the constants in those examples are unknow parameters.

If no, any suggestions of other solutions´╝čI guess I have to do the simplex method manually? Thanks.

Hi all,

For some range of my model parameter, the numerical integration fails to give a numerical answer rather a symbolic expression. Any idea why?

Please see this attached.NumericInt.mw.

I am doing this plot

loglogplot((.45*exp(-0.5e-1*t)+.1*exp(-.1*t))/exp(-0.5e-1*t), t = 1.4*10^4 .. 1.52*10^4);

and I got this weird abrupt change at some point: (please see the attached maple file)


I guess it is due to how Maple implement those very large/small numbers.. Any thoughts?


Please see the attached.

NLPSolve('f(x,y,'g(x,y)')', x=0..1,y=0..1) is not working...


I am not sure why I cannot do: plot3d([f(x,y,'g(x, y)')], x=0..1,y=0..1).

And the use of single quote in Maple 2019 and 2017 are giving different results. that is, the plot (note, not plot3d) results in the attched script by Maple 2017 and 2019 are different...

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