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Interesting that solve({x^2+y^2 = 1,x>-infinity,x
When I enter > solve(x^2+y^2<1,{x,y}) assuming x::real, y::real; Nothing is returned, not even a messages saying that solutions may have been lost.
You were right Acer. Now the less than sign combined with the other stuff came thru. Got any ideas on the solve vs. reduce question. That example problem I mentioned seemed so simple that I was shocked when the Maple solve command couldn't solve it. It's a bummer to find that Mathematica can solve that problem but Maple can not. I wonder if the reverse also true, that Maple can solve some simple problems that Mathematica can't.
Lets see if this comes out correctly. Should be: -1
Correction to the Solve vs. Reduce post. Is: which returns -1 Should be: -1
I just discovered that if I enter solve(x=RootOf(_Z^2-3),x) I get the same thing back, i.e., Maple can't deal with it. But if I enter solve(x=RootOf(_Z^2-3,label=_L2),x) I get the correct answers back, namely sqrt(3) and -sqrt(3). But then if I use an arbitrary label of _L5204 I also get the correct answers returned! This again leads me to believe that there has to be a label number but it doesn't matter what it is. Like there is a requirement for this argument which is of no consequence so some programmer invented the label number rather than eliminate the requirement for the argument of no consequence. I am beginnning to suspect that the label is just a programming kludge. Am I wrong?
Thanks for the help
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