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How do I graph inequalities. A simple example would be graphing y>x-2 where the area above the line y=x-2 would be shaded. What I really want to do however is check my work for the graph of: |x-y|+|x|+|y| where | | is the absolute symbol.
When I post a question, at the top of the screen it says I get one point. What is that for?
I am trying to do some calculations using very small numbers. For example evaluating (sqrt(x^2+9)-3)/x^2 for x=.1, .01, .001, .0001, .00001, .000001 and .0000001 which should result in values closer and closer to 1/6, but the calculations seem to break down for any x value smaller than .001 which surprizes me. Does Maple offer some sort of double or triple precision option that I can use to accurately do calculations with the smaller numbers?
Is there a command for obtaining "ALL" n roots of the nth root of a real or complex number in accordance with DeMoivre's theorem? For example there are three cube roots of unity, namely 1,-1/2+sqrt(3)/2*i, and -1/2-sqrt(3)/2*i
Unless calculus has changed, when evaluating a definite integral, i.e., one with limits, first one performs the integration on the expression and then one evaluates the result for the upper limit and subtracts the result evaluated for the lower limit. That of course means that the indefinite integral (without limits) has to be produced before evaluating the result using the limits. Considering that, here is the confusing situation I have run into. Maple returns an answer, complicated to be sure, but an answer to int(sin(x)*sin(x^3+x), x = 0 .. infinity) suggesting that it CAN integrate sin(x)*sin(x^3+x)
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