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I get RootOf(_Z^2-3, label = _L2) in an answer. My understanding is that RootOf _Z^2-3 would be a root of Z^2-3=0 or plus or minus the square root of 3, but after reading the RootOf help sheet I still cannot figure out what label = _L2 means. My gut feeling is that it means one of the two roots, either -sqrt(3) or +sqrt(3) but that bothers me because I think that both are ligitimate solutions to the problem. Could someone please explain what label = _L2 means? The help sheet says something about label=e where e can be anything which wasn't at all helpful. Thanks. P.S. The problem that provided this issue is solve({x^2-y^2=y,2*x*y=x}) and in the second equation the x on each side should not be cancelled because x=0 is one solution.
Using _EnvAllSolutions:=true; with solve(sin(x)=1,x)the answer returned is 1/2Pi+2Pi_Z1~. The Maple User Manual on page 82 says that Maple uses variables of the form _ZN~ to represent arbitrary integers thus my understanding is that the answer returned can be interpreted as 1/2Pi+2nPi where n is any integer. Correct? Now for the more difficult situation where I an not sure my understanding is correct. Using _EnvAllSolutions:=true; with solve(sin^2(x)/x,x)the answer returned is Pi(2_Z1~+_B1~). In this case, the -Z1~ is again any arbitrary integer but _B1~ is quite different. Using about(_B1~) the return tells me that _B1~ is assumed to be : OrProp(0,1).
I am having this common problem when solving trig equations. I read "?solve" but missed something somewhere because I still don't know how to solve this problem. Taking a simple example of solve(sin(x)=1,x) the answer returned is Pi/2 and while Pi/2 is a correct answer, because of the periodic nature of the sin function there are others. So maple for some reason (which doesn't make sense to me at all)is limiting the range/domain and therefore not providing the complete answer which is Pi/2 +2nPi where n is any integer. I tried to force Maple to consider a larger range by using assume(0<>
When I enter solve((sin(x))^2/x=0,x) in Maple 11, nothing is returned. When I enter the same thing in my voyage200 calculator, the correct answer of x=@n1*Pi where @n1 is any integer constant is returned. Why can't I get maple to produce the correct answer? Is this a bug?
What does the term Tool Box mean as used with Maple?
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