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>restart: >_EnvAllSolutions:=true; >solve(sin^2(x)/x=0); Pi(2_Z1~+_B1~),Pi(2_Z1~+_B1~) >fsolve(sin^2(x)/x=0); -3,141592654 That means that Pi(2_Z1~+_B1~),Pi(2_Z1~+_B1~)is equivalent to just -Pi which is not true. What is going on here?
A friend who has Mathematica suggested to me that Maple has no equivalent to the Mathematica Reduce command. Looking at the Reduce command on the Mathematica site, it says "Reduce[expr,vars] reduces the statement expr by solving equations or inequalities for vars and eliminating quantifiers." That sounds a lot like solve( ) to me so I attempted to use Maple's solve command on the following Mathematica Reduce( ) example. Reduce[x^2+y^2<><>
This may be a little picky but if I start a new worksheet and enter y=x^2 the return is y=x^2 and it is marked as equation (1). Then entering solve((1),y) where (1)comes from insert, label, etc., I get x^2 showing that the experession x^2 has been "applied" to y as one would expect. Next when I enter g:=unapply((1),x) the function g(x) is created using the expression x^2 and I would expect that x^2 is no longer applied to y. However, when I again enter solve((1),y) I still get x^2. So the question is, what has been "unapplied" from what, as the command (unapply)implies?
If I try to solve t = 5.*x*sqrt(1.+4.*x^2)+2.500000000*arcsinh(2.*x) for x in terms of t, using solve(t = 5.*x*sqrt(1.+4.*x^2)+2.500000000*arcsinh(2.*x),x); I get a RootOf answer form. That is not very useful, so I then use allvalues(%) but it just returns the same RootOf answer. Does returning the the same RootOf answer mean that allvalues can not convert the RootOf solution into an answer that contains the roots? If so, why does solve give the root of solution when it cannot be solved? If not, what does Maple return when it cannot perform a command? I find it disturbing if Maple returns a RootOf solution if it can not solve for the roots, (if that is what is happening). It's like if I ask you what the square root of two is and your reply is that it is the square root of two. That would not be the answer to the question asked. Perhaps there is an effective way to convert the RootOf answer into one containing the roots as opposed to using allvalues(%) which doesn't do the job? Thanks for the help.
New info on the "label=" question. I open a new work sheet and enter solve({x^2-y^2=y,2*x*y*=x}). The answer returned includes RootOf(_Z^2-3, label=_L2). Then I copy and paste that solve command after the next prompt and solve the same exact problem again. This time I get the same exact answers EXCEPT that the label is now _L5 and if I solve the same exact problem a third time I get a third label. I can only conclude that the label has nothing to do with the solutions to the problem. This makes me wonder what then is the purpose of a label? Why is it returned? What significance should one attach to it? I don't want to get bogged down about what the spec says or whether this is a bug.
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