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I have done a lot of experimenting since my post of 13 hours ago and now have a better handle on the print problem. I am using an HP2110 printer. When I try to print out a document OR work sheet that I originated on maple, I click on file, select print, and on the resulting pop-up menu select properties. There are now 4 choices for print quality: Best, Normal, Everyday, and Fast Draft. If I select "Every Day" the print out will have letters (and graphs) that are twice the size that they should be. Then if I do the same exact thing, without changing anything except selecting one of the other print quality choices, the resulting print out is normal.
I am using maple 11. I have an HP printer which I verified is working corrrectly. I have a document made in document mode that I stored in a file, and when I print it sometimes it comes out ok and sometimes it comes out with everything about double size and I don't know what I am doing to cause the double size. When this happens I go to file, print preview and click on double page, and then single page at the top and everything seems to print ok in normal size again. But now I just completed another document and tried to print it out and it printed again with about double size letters but when I go to file print preview, double page and single page are not enabled and I don't know why and consequently I have no way to print out this document.
When I enter: > with(VectorCalculus): ArcLength(
I read the help material for the roots command, but apparently don't understand it correctly. I've tried roots(x^2+x+1,I) and roots(x^2+x+1, complex) and the only thing returned is [ ]. How do I use the roots command to get complex roots? Thanks.
When I enter solve(x^4-x^3+1) I get 4 RootOf place holder solutions. For example RootOf(_Z^4-_Z^3+1, index = 1). This is very frustrating because I'm trying to obtain answers not place holders, and I cannot figure out how to make Maple solve the problem. Is Maple perhaps trying to tell me that it cannot solve the problem? If not, how do I force Maple to return answers instead of place holders, on this and similiar problems? Just as there is the quadratic equation for obtaining solutions to second degree equations, I understand that there are standard equations for solving cubics and quartics so I would be surprized if maple cannot solve x^4-x^3+1 symbolicly.
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