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Thanks.  It is a common way to express compositions of flow rates within Chemical Engineering.  0.78 kg of CO2 per kg of feed. 

@Rouben Rostamian


I've been playing aorund with the tool and it's been really helpful understanding a bunch of mixed cases; do you know if it is possible to put a the time on the graph and see the different time points? Kind of like a stop watch  

@Rouben Rostamian  


Sorry about the confusion Ux(0,t) = 0 and Ux(L,t) = 0 were supposed to be Neumann (I thought subscript x would've helped implying they were differentiated) 

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That's what I meant! Sorry on the late response.

@Carl Love 


Yep that worked; thank you!



The fibbonacci is known for being expressed recursively and this is done through an explicit method via adding the diagonals of pascals triangle. At school I am unable to use maple during assessments; however, I programmed this into my TI-84 so I will be able to tell any term of the fibbonacci sequence. That's why it is scary looking. 

it gives fibonacci numbers 

I figured it out I guess. Differential_Equation_slope_field_SOLUTION.mw

I'm sorry. 



Here's the sheet. Thanks

Ah yes; 

Persay we had a parametrics set: [sin(3t),cos(3t)]

The period is 2pi; how would I tell it find the intersection points from 0 to 2pi.



Thank you;

I have one question.  How would I create a restricted domain; persay, 0, 2pi?  I am only able to obtain values from 0,pi. 


Thank you! 


Thank You! 


hi, thank you for your quick response; this is what I am trying to do:

s(t) = <cos(t), sin(t)>

v(t) = <-sin(t), cos(t)>

a(t) =  <-cos(t), -sin(t)>

These are vectors expressed in parametric form; it is a circle.  In physics, we know that velocity vectors are tangent to circle whereas acceleration is perpendicular to the velocity vector.  What I'm trying to do is represent a numerous tangent lines on the parametrically expressed circle.  

In general terms, we can represent a vector line segment as:

[a,b] + t[c,d]

To represent the velocity vectors, we do:

<cos(t), sin(t)> + q<-sin(t),cos(t)>

From this, I wish to tell maple to substitute a bunch of values into q so I can create multiple equations.  

In Derive6.1, the notation is vector(<cos(t), sin(t)> + q<-sin(t),cos(t)>, t, 0, 2Pi, Pi/30)  


Thank you in advance. 



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